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Climate Control
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HVAC (Heat; Ventilation & Air Condition)

Pro-Leaf climate system is a new and innovative product featuring “cooling, heating, humidify, and air filtering” control-all in one unit. Unique to the Pro-Leaf climate System is the use of water for cooling instead of air which increases efficiency by utilizing less electricity. Another benefit of this system is the elimination of a separate outdoor unit, which offers gardeners further discretion and ease of installation. Using the programmed settings, remote sensors, and automatic photocell control, this system can create an environment of eternal spring with your garden. The unit features premium quality electronic heating elements for heating of the garden on cool nights. The unit will also dehumidify if the moisture is too high during the night. Built in safety features offer peace of mind. a high temperature shut-off function will turn off the light if the garden temperature exceeds the programmed limit. Key Features High/low pressure protection Over-heat protection Over-c
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High humidity in cultivation have high risk of pest and disease. Pro-Leaf BBL dehumidifier has large capacity to remove the humidity in short term. By achieve this, crop health can be guarantee. Depending on the scale, we offer multi-options for growers: 60-120-240 l/h. Key Features LCD screen Time setting IP 21
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