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CO2 Enhancement
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CO2 Generator

Pro-leaf Co2 Generators convert liquit Propane (LP)or natural gas (NG) into supplemental carbon dioxide for accelerated growth. BBL-4,BBL-8, and BBL-10 feature four, eight and ten brass burners, respectfully, with included burner plugs allowing Co2 output modifciation. The 10-burner BBL-10 offers enchanced functionality with convenient selector swithes operating two, five , seven, or all 10 burners at a time. A full range of safety features ensure reliable operation-electronic ignition replaces an open pilot flame, solenoid valve to restrict gas if the burners do not ignite, and a tip-over swith which cuts power if the unit is not upright. Integrated LEDs indicate operational status. Each model comes complete with a gas regulator, 3.66m hose, power adapter and hanging hardware
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CO2 Controller PPM-B1

The Pro-leaf PPM-B1, digital Co2 controller, provides simple and precise control of a 240-volt co2-generating device with modes for both increasing and decreasing co2. Also featuring Fuzzy logic operation which offers additional accuracy when utilizing compressed gas for co2 supplementation. Adjustable set points range from 400-2000 parts per million with an accuracy of +/-100 PPM and an adjustable deadband. A remote sensor, with 4.5m cable, accurately monitors the gardens PPm levels and relays this information to the controller for display in real-time. An integrated photocell allows for day, night, or continuous operation and the unit records maximum and minimum values for later viewing.
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CO2 Controller / Carbon-B1

Carbon B-1 controller is simple but efficient, we just have to mark the level of Co2 that we want in our plants and connect to it the solenoid valve of the Co2 cylinder or the generator plug of Co2 to butane. To maintain the P.P.M of Co2 of our culture when we want to advance and be more professional, a Co2 controller is indispensable. We will keep the level that we mark and your margin of work we can choose from 80 P.P.M. until 250 P.P.M. so that when the parts that you mark below are on, plug the generator or open the bottle and when it exceeds the marked margin, disconnect it. It also has a photocell that will detect when the lights are turned on and when they turn off, it will only connect during the day and go out at night. Specifications: - Model CARBON-B1 - It can be connected to most external hygrostats / thermostats - Electrical supply: 230 VAC - Max Amp: 10A - Type of sensor: NIDR - CO2 measurement range: 400 - 2500 ppm - Accuracy of CO2 measurement: +/- 60 ppm - R
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CO2 Controller / Carbon-D1

The CARBON-D1 Deluxe Digital CO2 Controller features a precision NDIR carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor that measures the level of CO2 up to 2500 PPM. The CARBON-D1 can be used to control supplemental CO2 in greenhouses, or vent excessive CO2 from mushroom arms or closed indoor spaces. A resettable circuit breaker and heavy-duty internal construction ensures the unit will operate for years without fail. The CARBON-D1 contains only high-quality UL / CE listed components.
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CO2 controller-D1 PPM

The D1-PPM is designed to control the level of CO2 / Carbon Dioxide within an enclosed area. The unit can be used to either increase (ADD CO2) or to decrease (REMOVE CO2). - User selectable settings provide a wide range of control possibilities. The unit can measure from 350 up to 2500PPm. - The LCD digital display will show the settings, which is convenient for users to select the desired CO2-level to be maintained putting the simple button front of D1-PPM - A built-in photocell ensures the unit only operates when the user selects it to. - The remote CO2 sensor can be placed up to 5 meters / 16ft from the controller.
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O2 Guardian

It is an oxygen monitoring product designed to protect worker’s safety. When oxygen level is lower than 18%, the device output will be turn off, till the oxygen concentration return to 19%. Key Features Low Oxygen Protection Calibration function Technical Sheet Power source: DC-005-2.5 Input: DC 24V/ 1A Output: DC 24V/ 1A
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CO2 Fiery Dragon

Besides small scale CO2 generator, Pro-leaf has developed Fiery Dragon for clients who needs a large amount of CO2 dosing. It provides nearly 6 times as 10 burners. Both liquit Propane(LP)or natural gas (NG) are available.
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CO2 Regulator (US, UK, EU, AU)

A precision regulator, flow gauge, and industrial solenoid value, 5 meters free plastic dispensing tubing and USA standard 3-prong plug. (Hose tail suit for 4.2mm inside diameter hose.) This CO2 Regulator will allow you to maintain ideal CO2 levels for optimal growth. It can be used for indoor grow rooms, grow tent and green houses to enhance carbon dioxide to the growing environment, speed up growth rates and yields. Technical Sheet Gas: CO2 Voltage:220 V Max input Pressure: 150 Mpa Max flow Meter: 0~30 l/min
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