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Environmental Control
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Hydro-pro is an intelligent environment control system applied to professional indoor growing facilities and individuals. It is all climate control in one products, which can control almost anything through 24VAC or RS485 with a distribution box or with our working station. Grower can connect the devices such as Heater, HVAC systems, Mini-split AC, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, CO2, HID lighting, LED lighting, irrigation pumps, valves, exhaust fans and much more to Hydro-pro. Two lighting control channels can control up to 512 lights on two separate channels.
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Multi Controllers BECC-B2

The Pro-Leaf Multi-Function Environmental Controller, BECC-B2, offers full control of the indoor garden environmental, with four 240-volt receptacles for cooling, humidity, Co2 and heating devices. This advanced unit precisely monitors and manages co2 in a range of 400-2000 parts per million with an adjustable deadband. Featuring fuzzy-logic technology to provide even greater control in compressed co2 setups. The BECC-B2 regulates tempberature in a control range of 5-50 degrees centigrade, and relative humidity in a range of 5-95 percent, both with adjustable deadbands. Photocell control allows for separate day and night settings of temperature and humidity. The BECC-B2 includes a remote sensor on a 4.5m cable with integrated photocell.
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Basic Controller BETC-B2

The Pro-Leaf BETC-B2, digital environmental controller, features four 240-volt receptacles to control cooling, humidity, recycling, and night-only devices. BETC-B2 offers gardeners flexibility in usage with a dedicated recycle-timer outlet to operate a variety of devices such as :H2O/O2 pumps, HID/LED lighting, reservoir chiller/heater, etc. This unit regulates garden temperature in a control range of 5-50 degrees centigrade with adjustable deadband, and relative humidity in a range of 5-95 percent. Photocell control allows separate day and night settings of temperature and humidity with additional interlock feature. BETC-B2 includes a remote sensor on a 4.5 meter cable and lithium battery backup in case of power loss to store programmed data.
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Temperature Controller B1

The pro-leaf TEMP-B1, digital Day/Night temperature controller, allows simple control of a 240-volt heating or cooling device. Adjustable set points allow a precise temperature control range from 5-50 degrees centigrate and adjustable deadband setting. A remote sensor on 4.5m cable accurately measures the garden temperature, which is displayed on the digital display in real-time. An integrated photocell allows separate day and night settings. The TEMP-B1 stores maximum and minimum values for late retrieval.
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Timer B1

The Pro-leaf TIMER-B1, digital cycle timer, offers simple and precise control of one 240-volt device on a programmable on/off cycle. On and off durations are adjustable from one minute to 24 hours, and a photocell enables separate day and night cycle settings. TEMP-B1 features a digital clock with lithium battery backup to maintain cycle in case of power loss.
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Humidity Controller / VAPOR-B1

Control a humidification or dehumidification device.
▶ A digital microprocessor and solid state humidity sensor are combined to create an accurate and reliable method to control your humdity between 20 and 90% rH.
▶ The user selects separate Day and Night humidity settings using the 2 separate knobs on the front of the unit.
▶ A built-in photocell automatically activates the unit correctly based on Day or Night lighting levels
▶ The unit can be adjusted to activate a humidifier or a dehumidifier by selecting the desired mode.
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